Armenia: The Inga and Anush interview

by Zaven Shegrikyan 52 views

On Valentine's day, the Armenian public an jury chose Inga and Anush to represent the country in the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest. The sisters, in their first interview with international media, spoke to about their song and their plans.The studio version and the video clip of the song will be ready during this week.

Firstly, could you please introduce yourselves a little bit to the European fans? We would like to know about your career, awards, studies, etc.

We both graduated from the State Conservatory of Yerevan after Komitas, jazz vocal class. We are together on the professional stage since 2000. We formed a part of the State Song Theater of Armenia as a duet. Since 2003 we have separated from it. We had numerous concerts in Armenia, as well as abroad. We toured in USA, Russia, France, Germany, Great Britain, Iran, Bulgaria, etc. On December 21, 2004, we received a gratifying letter from A. Margaryan, the Prime Minister of RA, for our participation in the implementation of State youth policy in the country. In 2005 we were awarded a special prize in the field of music by the President of RA for the treatment and adaptation of folk music, as well as for our masterly performance of the Armenian folk music. We won a special prize after Tigran Naghdalyan for the song “Tamzara” in the framework of the “National Music Award” in December 2005.

How can you characterize your music? Is it pop/folk/anything else?

We represent ethnic music in Armenia and abroad, but at the same time, we try to give new interpretation of the old Armenian musical heritage. When we combine folk with modern genres (rock, jazz, pop and even hip hop), the outcome is very interesting.

Concerning the song Nor par, do you think it will be close to European audience? We know that Nor par consists of two parts – Armenian and English, so can we say that you will try to attract both Armenian and European fans?

We certainly intend to attract both Armenian and European fans. This song is an innovation for the European audience. We believe that “positive” innovations should be perceived positively by the audience.

When will the studio version and video clip of Nor par be ready?

We are currently working on it and very soon we will present it to the audience.

Do you plan to change something in the song?

No. Some changes will be made in the arrangement – new instruments will appear. According to the regulations, major changes cannot be made.

Can you share you plans concerning the stage performance? What can we expect to see on the stage?

We are in the preparatory phase. It is a process that needs time. In any case, we are sure that the audience will like the show.

Do you plan to visit any European country with promo tours? What destinations can we expect?

There will definitely be a promo tour, but the exact destinations are still being clarified. As soon as we have the exact schedule, it will be posted on our website.

How is the people’s attitude to you and your song in Armenia?

We will be representing Armenia in the contest and every Armenian should support his/her country.

How are you preparing for the Eurovision Song Contest now?

We are working on the show, on the video clip, like every other contestant does.

And finally, have you already heard any of the songs from other countries? Do you have favorites already?

We do not have favorites. We wish everyone good luck.

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