Portugal: Festival da Canção

by sónia pinto 45 views

The first technical rehearsals of the songs competing for Festival da Canção 2009 were held at the Teatro Campes yesterday. with some delay due to technical problems and served mainly to test the sound and for the participants to get used the stage. The order in which the artists went on stage was different from the line up in Festival da Canção and each competitor had about 15 minutes to rehearse.

First to appear on stage was Nucha, relaxed and well prepared. With her on stage were five backing supporters, one being the author of the music itself, Ivan Prim. Tudo está na tua mao' is a rock ballad and the singer seems very comfortable with this music genre. The performance was professional and secure, with a good dynamic on stage and a very powerful voice.

The second to appear on stage was the Romana. Acordem olhos dourados is a typically Portuguese song and the singer performs it very well. This is a strong song that stood out as apleasant surprise of the first rehearsal.

The third on stage was the Filipa Batista. No teu lugar, a very powerful romantic ballad performed witha very strong and melodic voice. A beautiful presence on stage. There was good co-ordination with the chorus of voices. The choreography works well on stage and song hasbeen strengthened by the new production.

André Rodrigues came to rehearse next with the song Eu nao voltarei a mim. Vocally well performed, this is a nice and simple ballad, and well interpreted, but may lack the ability to hold the audience compared to some of the other entries.

Next came the duo Taity with the song Amore mio, amore mio. A Latin song with a joyful and catchy chorus, the lack ofanyelaborate choreography with the presence of some dancers, left a feeling of anticlimax.

Nuno Norte next sang the song Lua sem luar accompanied by two female voices and a trumpeter. The song contains some strong influences of jazz and well performed.

Fernando Pereira was on stage even without thebacking dancers and singersthat will join him performing è o Amor. This is a pop song, happy however noticed a few flaws in his voice in the first rehearsal.

Eva Danin will be accompanied on the piano, Portuguese guitar and two back vocals in the choirs. This is another song that benefits from strong vocals. Amar mais forte que o vento is a song with a strong emotional charge.

Francisco Andrade sang the song Voar é ver. He presented himself on stage with five femaleband members(saxophone, portuguese guitar and three back vocals in choirs) was vocally well attuned.

Flor de Lis, were relaxed and very lively. It is without doubt a traditional Portuguese song which invites to dance to all those who hear. It seems well on stage and win more fans by the day. The song remains the favourite to win the competition.

The next act was the duo of Nuno and Fábia. Nao demores (quero-te aquecer) was a pleasant surprise. A humorous and very successful choreography constructed by well known musician Henrique Feist. Nuno and Fábia were vocally harmonious and the song seems to come across well.

The last of the ten to rehearse was Luciana Abreu with the the entry juntos vamos conseguir (Yes we can). Luciana presents herself on stage with five male performers for a simple but clear choreographed performanceand stage. A group of very strong voices in perfect harmony. The song is a powerful anthem for peace with a good performance.

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