France : Viktor Lazlo, commanding officer of “Brigade Navarro”

by Dominique Dufaut 96 views

The 1987 Eurovision Song Contest presenter Viktor Lazlo is presently starring in the leading role of a TV movie broadcast on TF 1, Brigade Navarro, in which she is a commanding officer : Commandant Roussel. Navarro was one of the French most famous TV series but as first male part (Navarro, played by Roger Hanin) was about to turn 84 years old, the production team decided to have a change and then chose Viktor Lazlo (49 next October).

The lady already played in the 11th season of Navarro, and was back in the 18th, in 2006. Viktor has featured in around 20 films, mostly for television. In a recent interview published on Télé Loisirs' website, Viktor Lazlo is being asked about this opportunity, actually the biggest one to date for her. "French television was not ready yet to give big parts to black minorities", she declares. "Thank God, it changed!".

About her musical career (9 albums and 6 compilations to date), Viktor Lazlo says : "I had two big hits in France (Canoë Rose and Pleurer des rivières / a French version of Cry me a river) but I had many others abroad, in South Africa, Japan, Turkey… I remember once I received royalties from 32 countries ! I am presently working on new recording as well as on a novel".

Viktor Lazlo – real name Sonia Dronier – was born in French Brittany of a father from Martinique and a mother from Grenada. Her pseudonym comes from the American movie Casablanca (1942). Is she Belgian or not? That remains a mystery (unless someone knows the answer). When she began her singing career, she was considered as a Belgian citizen as her producer was famous Lou Deprijck, who had already launched Plastic Bertrand, Two Man Sound and Lou & the Hollywood Bananas.

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