Countdown to tonight's Greek final

by Theo Vatmanidis 41 views

The Greek national final will take place tonight at the Athenian Cine Keramikos (pictured) at 21.00, local time. ERT, the Greek broadcaster, is said to have put special effort in the organisation of the event. The participating songs have already been broadcast twice, once during a special programme last Sunday and on morning TV for the past couple of days.

Yesterday, the second half of the entries taking part in the Greek final were broadcast during the TV magazine 10 me 2. All the participants seemed to be genuinely excited about the upcoming event. Marie N was also present on the programme. During the grand final, where she�ll be also serving as a jury member, Marie N is expected to perform a special slower version of I wanna, the song that secured Latvia�s victory in the Eurovision Song Contest last year.

In the meantime, the press coverage of the event is not that extensive. Leading daily newspaper TA NEA likened this year�s voting system through SMS messaging to the procedures followed in reality TV games. Another well known newspaper, Eleftherotypia, maintained the same sarcastic approach, criticizing ERT for failing to advertise last Sunday�s special preview program in Radiotileorasi, the TV-listings magazine the Greek broadcaster issue, and accusing them for the ratings of the show which were lower than anticipated.

However, it has to be acknowledged that ERT have put a considerable amount of effort in to the final this year and it's questionable whether the above comments are completely justified. A number of well known artists and good songs are the main indications of the improved level of the Greek final, which has already attracted the attention of private-owned TV channels (generally more popular with the Greek viewers than ERT).

The only thing left to see now is what the final result of the Greek final will look like. The last rehearsals were scheduled to be carried out yesterday evening and the show itself is going to be aired at 21.00 local time (that�s 20.00 CET), while the people living outside Greece will have the chance to watch the programme both on ERT Satellite and online at ERT�s official website at 22.00CET (see link below).

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