German rubber chancellor burnt

by Oliver Rau 36 views

In perhaps one of the most bizarre Eurovision related articles this year, it's been reported that the rubber doll of German chancellor Gerd Schröder, which plays a crucial role in Elmar Brandt's performance of Alles wird gut in the German final Countdown Grand Prix 2003, was burned in an accident at a videoshoot. A new doll is in production to replace it, but as it is unclear if it be available before March 7th, Brandt's participation is said to be in danger.

As the German tabloid paper Express reported, the rubber doll catched fire during the shoot for a promotional video by German music channel Viva yesterday.

Peter Burz, co-writer of the song, pointed out: “There is a big problem. The doll is made of caoutchouc rubber . With this material, you will only see if the result is good and playable when you have finished all design steps. After all, the puppet is full of technics.”

Express also wrote that Brandt's participation could be in danger if the new doll could not be fixed quick enough, but as Brandt (performing as The Gerd Show) is one of the favorites to win the German final, it is highly unlikely that he will withdraw.

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