Hungary: Kátya Tompos withdraws from Eurovision

by Marcus Klier 466 views

For the second time this year, the act announced to represent Hungary in the Eurovision Song Contest withdraws from the competition. Kátya Tompos, who replaced Márk Zentai, also decided not to go to Moscow with her song Magányos csónak.

Broadcaster MTV has been informed by Sony BMG that the singer will not be able to take part in the contest because of her theatre engagements. Apart from several films, the actress currently stars in eight different stage shows. MTV will now once again gather to select a new song out of the 105 entries that were submitted and the announcement is expected to be made in the upcoming days.

Not counting the two failed qualifications in 1993 and 1996, Hungary took part in the competition seven times so far between 1994 and 2008. The best result in a Eurovision Song Contest final came on the country's debut in 1994, when Friderika Bayer finished 4th with Kinek mondjam el vétkeimet. Last year, Csézy finished 19th and hence last in the second semi final not making it to the final with her entry Candlelight.

Statement from Kátya Tompos:

"It was a great honour for me to get the chance to represent Hungary at Europe’s favourite tv show, the Eurovision Song Contest. At the same time it is also a big responsibility because the representatives of 43 nations perform on stage in front of a huge audience in one of the worlds most viewed televised event. Performing in an international show is a very attractive opportunity for an artist, moreover, I go on stage everyday here at home, too.I play in four shows at the Hungarian National Theatre, two at the Bárka Theatre and another two at the Spinoza House which means I have rehearsals all the time. Additionally, I am starring several films.

This is a great gift for a young artist and of course a lot of hard work.I realized that the preparation for the Eurovision Song Contest requires more energy and time than I could devote to it. Whatever I do, I always want to do my utmost. Therefore I decided to withdraw from performing at the Song Contest and rather dedicate myself wholly to theatre.

I am convinced that Hungary should be represented at the Eurovision Song Contest by someone who can concentrate to the music, the song and the performance in Moscow by 100%.Let me thank to all of those who believed in me, who loved the song and cheered for me. It has been a very hard decision but I think I made a responsible one."

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