Two favourite tunes audible from Norway

by Bjørn Erik Opheim 70 views

On the day one week ahead of the Norwegian national final Melodi Grand Prix 2003, the broadcaster NRK decided to bang the big drum. Today you will be able to listen to not one, but two of the participating entries. And more important, they are both said to be among the top favourites. Most attention will probably Birgitte Einarsen (pictured) get. She will perform a hymn to the Eurovision Song Contest!

With several references to Carola, Charlotte Nilsson, Katrina and the Waves, The Olsen Brothers, Charmed, ABBA and other former Eurovision participants, Birgitte Einarsen's Good Evening Europe has so much self confidence that you would think it had already won the national final. A clear flirt with Europe, but will it fool the televoters to buy it blindly? If any song could expect twelve points from Sweden, this should be the one. Not only is she a dark beauty, but this is a very strong dance tune you will find hard not to like. News paper VG wrote: “Disco inspired tune whom lyrics reveal heaps of references to titles and lyrical parts of former songs from the history of the Eurovision Song Contest. Catchy chorus and OGAE Norway's obvious favourite.” Listen to it here!

Alfie, from the Popstars-band Cape, revealed during the radio interview that he has far more experience than most of the other participants. A guy who doesn't back in the moment he catches the sight of a microphone. Not only can he sing, his qualities as a composer are obvious. Could you expect anything else when two of the twelve final entries were written by him? VG wrote: “Mid tempo ballad with guitar intro. A song which keeps growing on you each time you listen to it.” Hear it here!

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