UK Eurovision hopefuls get MP support

by Benny Royston 40 views

Jade, Mark and The Twins will contest the United Kingdom Eurovision Song Contest selection final, Your country Needs You tomorrow night at the BBC centre in London. Today, they visited the Palace of Westminster to meet four British Members of Parliament, receiving advice and support.

Kevin Brennan, Pete Wishart, Ian Cawsey and Greg Knight are four MPs with a musical background and have together formed their own group, MP4. They invited the British Eurovision Song Contest finalists to Parliament to discuss public image, PR and winning votes whilst touring the Parliament building.

The Press Association reports "The MPs advised the singers to be confident in their communication skills and taught them how to ask people to vote for them in French, Spanish, German and Russian, as well as the phrase "Hello Moscow" in Russian".

Armed with a song composed by Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber and lyrics by Dianne Warren, the winning act will be charged with the responsibility of pushing the United Kingdom back up the leader board at the Eurovision Song Contest after six disappointing years close to the bottom of the pile.

Last year, Andy Abraham's 14 points left the United Kingdom in last place for only the second time in the country's history at the competition, the first coming with Jemini's nil points in 2003.

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