Latvia: 21 songs confirmed for Eurovision semifinal

by Aija Medinika 171 views

After Latvia's uturn on taking part at the Eurovision Song Contest, the national final, Eurodziesma 2009 has been rescheduled. Performers and authors of all previously announced songs of Eirodziesma 2009 semifinal have agreed to participate in the national selection. They had until today, 28th January to reconfirm their participation.

Iveta Lepesko, Eirodziesma 2009 project manager, revealed that all of previously selected songs for the semifinal are going to be performed at the first heat of national final, on Friday 27th February 2009.

The 21 semifinal songs are:

1 Edijs Šnipke- Make my day (Edijs Šnipke Edijs Šnipke)
2 Camillas –Time goes (Romans Falkenšteins, Nina Kovaikova)
3 Valters Fridenbergs- For a better tomorrow (Valters Fridenbergs)
4 Johnny Salamander –Party (Johnny Salamander, Meldra Guza )
5 Iveta Baumane- Tic tac (Ingars Vilums)
6 Ketta –Without you (Pavel Murashov, Pavel Murashov )
7 Fidji –Don't want to say goodbye (Katrina Tene, Tarmo Keranens)
8 Aisha, Ella, Olga- In love we trust (Tomass Kleins, Guntars Racs)
9 Trianas parks – Call me any time you need a problem (Aivars Rakovskis, Agnese Rakovska)
10 Ginta Eke- Be yourself (Kristaps Krievkalns, Ginta Eke)
11 Madara Celma- Have to say goodbye (Madara Celma)
12 Kristina Zaharova –Angel of mine (Martinš Freimanis)
13 Dace and FrÄ«dis – Running around (Dace Planare, Aivars Freimanis)
14 Sabine Berezina- Bye, bye (Markus Riva)
15 Kristina Zaharova –I wish I could pretend (Lauris Reiniks, Gordon Pogoda)
16 Artists TBA –When the sun is going down (Arturs Palkevics, Leonids Jevsejevs, Sergejs Ivanovs)1
7 Intars Busulis –Sastregumi (Karlis Lacis, Janis Elsbergs)
18 Miks Dukurs –Aizejot (Edijs Dukurs, Miks Dukurs)
19 Girts Zebulinš – Place to be (Andris Barons, Brita Barone, Diana Dubrovska)
20 Aisha – Hey (Kjell Jennstig, Leif Golkuhl)
21 Artist TBA- Dynamite (Mikael Erlandsson)

From 16th February 2009, the songs and artists that will compete at Eirodziesma to represent Latvia at the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest are going to be presented at the TV show "Sems" on LTV7. The biographies and photos of the arists and the audio clips of the songs will be availableon theEirodziesma 2009 website.

The semifinal takes place on Friday 27th Februaryand the final is scheduled for Saturday February 28th, 2009. The hosts of the live shows are the same as the previous years – Ugis Joksts and Kristine Virsite.

Latvia had withdrawn from participation at the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest due to a cut in govenment funding for the national broadcaster. It's project for the competition had been cut along with several other programmes. However, after support from the EBU and finding sponsors, the country confirmed that it would be present in Moscow after all.

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