Norway: Agnete records video for Icebreaker

by Eliza-Jane Oliver 906 views

Agnete Johnsen, who is representing Norway in the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 with her song Icebreaker has filmed a video for her song in Varangerbotn, her hometown in the far north of Norway.

Agnete has said she wanted to show the beauty and majesty of her home, and noted that it would add an extra dimension to her song, Icebreaker.

One downside of filming in the beautiful, but ice cold far north of Norway was that Agnete was recovering from a bout of the flu so had to battle through the freezing temperatures and wind to finish the video. She admits that it was unwise to be outside in her condition but says:

I had a burning desire to make the video. The dates were set and production people booked. I had no interest in allowing poor form to stop me, and drove on.

And despite the minus 5 degree temperatures (not including wind chill), and her outfit being beautiful, but not warm, Agnete battled on – she says the production company made sure to stay warm and have enough breaks. They gave me all the time I needed to deliver on camera.

The crew were complementary of Agnete’s performance, the director Elle Marja Eira says:

Agnete’s so talented. She takes direction very quickly, and is very good on camera.

Despite the freezing temperatures and Agnete’s illness, the video was completed and will be released this Saturday.

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