Iceland: Eirikur Hauksson goes for Eurovision again

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Disappointed with the result of the 2007 Eurovision Song Contest, three time Eurovision Song Contest Eirikur Hauksson claimed that he would never return to the competition. Today, can reveal that he is back in the running for 2008 as a composer and has had a change of heart about whether he would consider returning as a performer. The song is called Undir regnbogann (Under the rainbow) and the music is written by Hallgrimur Oskarsson. It will compete in Iceland's second semi final on 17th January and will be performed by Ingo.

In a specialinterview with Eirikur, who still spends his time working in both Iceland and Norway, he explained to that the changes to the Eurovision Song Contest will make a positive impact and redress the balance of the competition. He also says that he was unlucky to enter in the hardest year in the history of the competition to qualify for the final:

You told us you'd never do this again! What changed?
"I'm a big liar. If that would go all the way, it would be great fun as a composer. I didn't intend to get involved but I was asked to find the lyrics and I agreed."

What kind of a song is it?
"It's a pop song, quite romantic and happy it's more commercial. Very different to Valentine Lost"

Do you think the change in voting will make a difference to the results at the Eurovision Song Contest?
"Yes, definitely, even though I always hoped it was still a song contest and the best song will win, but it's a matter of taste."

Would you have done better in 2007 with the jury system?
"It's impossible to say, but I think I had bad luck performing in the most difficult year in history to qualify, with only 10 songs qualifying out of 28. I shared my destiny with 18 other nations, so I've stopped crying now."

Would you change your mind and try again as a performer?
"I'd be in the same situation as I was in 2007, I had no intention of participating but then along came a song and you think, how can you present this to 100 million, so it would be tempting if I get the right song.

What have you been doing since 2007?
"I'm still working alot with Ken Hensley. We've been travelling alot. I've been doing a lot of solo performances, and participating in Eurovision has benefitted me a lot. Anyone talking negatively about participating at Eurovision is wrong, you dont have to win to receive support for your career. Here in Norway, you can see people opening their eyes to the possibilities Eurovision brings."

Do you think rock music is growing in Norway?
"When you look at the composers for Norway this year, there are some serious established artists and composers sending in songs, it's really positive."

It's clear that you still think the Eurovision Song Contest is something special, would you go to Moscow as a fan if not as the lyricist for Iceland?
"Who knows? I know it's a lot of fun and I love being involved with it, so we'll see".

Eirikur was part of the band Icy that participated in Iceland's debut at the Eurovision Song Contest in 1986. He was part of the group Just4Fun that represented Norway in 1991 before representing Iceland as a solo artist in would like to thank him for this interview.

Eirikur's promotion video for Valentine lost

Just4Fun performing Mrs. Thompson for Norway in 1991

Icy perform Gledibankinn at the 1986 Eurovision Song Contest

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