Replay: UK National Selection – Introduction show

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As earlier reported, the United Kingdom will decide their entry for the 2009 contest, beginning tonight. The show is about to begin and will bring you live coverage right here.


We begin with a look back at Eurovision…

We see famous faces, wishing Andrew Lloyd Webber with good look messages.
We join Graham and Andrew taking a look at people who sent in their entries, some are absolutely hillarious and some brutal.
Others sung some of Webber's famous songs.

Graham Norton in now searching for last years' winner Dima Bilan and we now see Norton interviewing him.
Dima says that Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin sent a telegram congratulating him on his win.

We now also learn that Colin Barlow a record company executive is also behind the search this year. Barlow has managed bands such as Take That and Girls Aloud, has had 15 number ones, and has sold over 40 million albums as a producer.

Casting calls have now begun and we now see auditions with Andrew and Colin.

We are treated to auditions from people of all walks of life, whether it be pub singers, twins and now groups.

Graham persuades Andrew to go to Russia to meet Russian prime minister Vladimir Putin. We see Graham and Andrew trying to learn some Russion on the plane to Moscow.

While Graham mingles with the locals, Andrew interviews Putin. He asks a crucial question, Will Russia vote for the UK? He says you should ask the russian people but you have my vote!

Back in the UK, we meet the "potential" auditionees rehearsing at home.

Back in Russia we see Andrew and Graham visiting the venue for the Eurovision Song Contest 2009. He notices an echo in the venue which could cause a problem and that if the performer would be an amateur it could be daunting.
We now visit Russian Eurovision fans where we view previous UK entries. Head of OGAE Russia, Vladislav Yakovlev was the one giving vodka!

They suggest that the UK avoids amateur performers and focus on a more professional approach.
Andrew now meets Dima Bilan, and asks him to tell everyone to vote for the UK as we're taking it very seriously.

We now see two girl groups audition for Colin but only one will be able to sing for Andrew.

In soloists, we see another two potentials.

Back to Andrew, he's in Poland checking up on his own productions and to spread the word to vote to the UK. Onwards to Hungary and he gets a huge welcome, where he is more famous than the Beatles!

We're now back in the Bunker in London, where we research that the venue in Russia is bigger than wembley stadium in the UK.
More potential finalist are shown, as we're treated to more auditions.

To the bunker, Andrew decides to hold an Ambassadors reception, people are coming from Finland, Malta, Ukraine and Azerbaijan. Research and advance Lw!
The German ambassodar suggests, get people off their seats, Andrew asks Finland should we wear silly costumes, the ambassador said "Why not?", Azerbaijan promises a vote, Andrew asks Malta why vote for Scooch?

At the workshop, Andrew is formally auditionning potential candidates.

We will soon have the final six…

  • Emperor's of Soul
  • Charlotte
  • Damien
  • The Twins – Francine & Nicola
  • Mark
  • Jade

Tune in next week as these six acts will battle it our to represent the United Kingdom at the Eurovision Song Contest 2009.

Stay with for biographys coming up…

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