awards: Preview video and outfit results

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The polls for the third annual awards are closed and now it is time to reveal the results, which are traditionally made public on Christmas. We continue with the categories mostly facing on optical impressions: Best preview video, Best dressed performer(s) and Worst dressed performer(s).

The 2008 award for Best preview video goes to…

  • UKRAINE for Shady lady by Ani Lorak

This is the third award for Ukraine this year following Performance of the year and Best female performance. In the plotless video of the Ukrainian entry Shady lady, we can see Ani Lorak dancing in front of a skyline and in a disco as well as seducing men with her movements. With the same outfits on stage, a similar atmorsphere was created at the Eurovision Song Contest stage in Belgrade.Although Ukraine has always done well in the performance categories, this was the first nomination in the video category. Previously, Greece won this award in 2006 and Hungary did so last year.

The complete results:

  1. Ukraine for Shady lady – 29.9%
  2. Iceland for This is my life – 23.9%
  3. France for Divine – 21.6%
  4. Malta for Vodka – 14.9%
  5. Russia for Believe– 9.8%

Watch the Best preview video of the year below:

The 2008 award for Best dressed performer goes to…

  • ANI LORAK of Ukraine

This is thefourth award for Ukraine this year following Performance of the year, Best female performance and Best preview video.Ani Lorak wore a rather short silver dress with finges designed by Roberto Cavalli on stage while performing her entry Shady lady. Remarkably, Verka Serduchka, who represented the country the year before (and also finished second) went for a silver/glittery theme in her outfit, too. Still, she finished second in last year's 'worst dressed' award. Ukraine is the only country that has been nominated for a dress award every year so far, the best dressed awards previously went to Kate Ryan from Belgium in 2006 and Sopho from Gerogia in 2007.

The complete results:

  1. Ani Lorak of Ukraine – 29.2%
  2. Maria Haukaas Storeng of Norway – 24.6%
  3. Isis Gee of Poland – 18.3%
  4. Kalomira of Greece – 14.1%
  5. Euroband of Iceland – 13.8%

Watch the performance by the Best dressed performer of the year below:

The 2008 award for Worst dressed performer goes to…

  • GISELA of Andorra

Bronze was the colour of choice for Gisela when she sang about her Casanova on stage. The most notable part of her performance was not even her short frilly dress with the cuirass but the outstanding headdress that can be either seen as the horns of the devil or antennas, which nevertheless did not help her receiving good vibrations from the televoters. Previously, Nonstop from Portugal wer honoured with this award in 2006 as well as The Ark from Sweden last year.

The complete results:

  1. Gisela of Andorra- 34.8%
  2. Dustin the Turkey of Ireland – 24.1%
  3. Kreisiraadio of Estonia – 16.4%
  4. Rodolfo Chikilicuatre of Spain – 14.0%
  5. Ishtar of Belgium – 10.7%

Watch the performance by the Worst dressed performer of the year below:

More results will be revealed throughout the day. Stay tuned!

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