Rumour: German Idols participants to final?

by Oliver Rau 35 views

As in other European countries, the German version of the popular talent searching show Pop Idol, known locally as Deutschland sucht den Superstar, has been a huge hit. The show, which is aired on commercial network RTL, has reached highs of 12.5 million viewers and a recently released single entitled We Have a Dream shifted nearly a million units, hitting the top of the charts. In light of this, there are also rumours that DSDS singers could participate in the German final.

In a recent edition, the Hamburg based newspaper Abendblatt has suggested that the finalists of DSDS should participate in the German preselection. Both shows are scheduled for the same weekend, the German final taking place March 7th, the final of DSDS one day later.

Spokespersons from RTL and BMG, the record company in charge of the show, have reacted in a reserved manner. “These are two different contests. But the idea is charming”, said Christoph Körfer from RTL. BMG president and DSDS jury member Thomas Stein added: “There is no need to mix these two different formats.”

Dr. Jürgen Meier-Beer, producer of the Countdown Grand Prix for NDR, said: “If the Superstars had applied before January 7th, they would have been on.” He added that a nomination at this stage would be “unfair to all the other participants.” Two years ago, there was a last-minute nomination of the German TV host Thomas Gottschalk. Meier-Beer pointed out that in this case all other record companies had to agree.

The postponing of the release of the official CD compilation of Countdown Grand Prix for a week led to new speculation that a last-minute entry of the DSDS cast may be possible. These are, however, still only rumours.

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