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NRK has released details on all of the remaining songwriters and lyricists to be taking part in the recently extended Melodi Grand Prix 2009.

As reported earlier, the 2009 contest has been increased in size due to the high quality of the entries, and while full artist information has not yet been released, NRK has provided details of the writers of each of the songs.

You can find information on the first eleven songs to be publicised at this link . Below is information on the remaining writers for Norway's live shows.

Dikt Mæ En Himmel

Music: Svein Gundersen

Lyrics: Rolf Mokkelbost

Svein Gundersen started his career as a musician with bands such as The DedicationsAunt Mary. As a composer he has a long pedigree behind him – he has written the music to 15 musicals, 16 Norwegian films and songs like Har en drøm, Ei hand å holde i, Se ilden lyse and Den store stjerna. He also produced the all-time best-selling album in Norway, Sissel Kyrkjebøs’ Christmas album of 1987.


Music: Robin Nordahl and Thomas Ewel

Beats and riff: William (Nasty Kutt)

Lyrics: KeSera

KeSera consists of Raymond and Nahom, Norwegian hiphop artists. Nasty Kutt is behind the beats to several Norwegian hiphop artists, such as Jaa9&OnklP, and was the several-times winner of the DJ-content DMC National Championships. Robin Nordahl has been a songwriter and producer for a whole series of productions in Norway and abroad, and was amongst the songwriters for Music Grand Prix 2008. Thomas Ewel is Robin’s collaborator on many projects.

Like an angel

Lyrics and Music: Julius Winger and Ole Jørgen Olsen

Julius Winger is a musician and songwriter. He has released two critically acclaimed albums, Store sanger om våren (2005) and Kjærlighet and andre misforståelser (2008).

Soul Train
Lyrics and Music: The Rebelettes

The Rebellettes are an Oslo-bases band with a background stemming from the other girl-bands The Laundrettes and Bronco Busters. They love 1960s soul music, and get their inspiration from the soul-songs of Motown artists such as Martha and the Vandellas and The Supremes. The band consists of Ragna Nordenborg, Linda Kastbakken, Anne Liv Tressel and Cathrine Nysæter.


Lyrics and Music: Solgunn Ivana and Hans Petter Aaserud

Solgunn Ivana and Hans Petter Aaserud have worked closely tandether for many years. Hans Petter is well-known as the songwriter, guitarist and vocalist from the band Trang Fødsel. In the record company Your Favourite Music AS, he worked with artists such as Robert Post, Susanne Sundfør, Kine Nesheim, the Alexandria Quartet and Heine Totland. Solgunn has a background in jazz and pop, and has worked for some time as a composer and lyricist.

Alt har en mening nå

Music: Thomas Thörnholm, Michael Clauss and Danne Attlerud

Lyrics: Jan Vincent Johannessen

Thomas Thörnholm is a musician, composer and producer, and has submitted songs to the Swedish and Norwegian preselections many times before. Danne Attlerud is a lyricist, composer and artist, and has composed songs for artists such as Björn Skifs, Hep Stars and Jan Johansen. Tandether with Lasse Andersson, he wrote the song High which represented Norway in 2004 with Knut Anders Sørum. This year, they team up with the producer and composer Michael Clauss.

Lyricist Jan Vincent Johannessen has written for the likes of Placido Domingo, Sissel Kyrkjebø, Wenche Myhre, Roy Randers and Carol Dennis.

Like you did (yesterday)

Lyrics and Music: Janni Santillan

18-year-old Janni is half Phillipino and half Norwegian, and wrote this song when she was just 14. Janni was part of the children’s group Splash, and these days she is a pianist, as well as a singer and songwriter.

Te stein

Music: Bertil Bertelsen

Lyrics: Olav Nygaard, Morten Horn and Ronny Bertelsen

Bertil Bertelsen plays in the band Publiners, the same band that writers Ronny Bertelsen, Morten Horn and Olav Nygaard play in. Publiners play folk ‘n’ roll, which they call it, and they have released two albums. They are known from the NRK prandramme Lyden av lørdag.


Lyrics and Music: Jane Helen

Jane Helen is an Oslo-based rockband which consists of Mona Wold, Sandra Cecil Ekdahl, Dordi Elin Drønen, Solveig Skretting Vaaland and Christine Litekalsøy. They have been making music tandether since 2002, and released their first EP Huh in 2007. They have graced the radio playlists from New York to Berlin, and have played many live concerts both in and around Oslo.

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