Slovenia: Sasa Lendero released new album

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Sasa Lendero, at present one of the most successful Slovenian musicians, released a new album called Ob tebi lepsi je svet (The world is better next to you). It is the much anticipated successor of the 2006 released Ne grem na kolena, which featured plenty of hit singles, like her two EMA songs Mandoline and Metulj.

Most of the songs on Sasa's new album are written by popular song writers Hercog – Babic – Sewer. The first one also happens to be Sasa's companion in life. The brand- new album includes three covers, one of them being a folk song originating from the Spanish Civil war. It also contains three previously released songs, all of themhaving becomeinstant hits: Levinja, Nedosegljiva and Stoje bom prebolela have proven that Sasa managed to maintain herstatus as one of Slovenia's leading artists.

This is the full tracklisting of Sasa's new album:

1) Levinja (The lioness)

2) Nedosegljiva (Unavailable)

3) Stoje bom prebolela (Getting over you)

4) Ob tebi lepši je svet (The world is better next to you)

5) Nikoli ni prepozno (It's never too late)

6) Zate (For you)

7) HoÄ�em da verjameš vame (I want you to believe in me)

8) Na klopi sveta (On the top of the world)

9) Kdo (Who)

10) To sem jaz (That's me)

11) Ob tebi lepši je svet (karaoke)

12) Zate (karaoke)

13) Levinja (karaoke)

As a singer, Sasa Lendero so far has participated twice in EMA, the Slovenia national final to decide the country's representative for the Eurovision Song Contest. In 2005, Sasa reached 2nd place with Metulj and in 2006, she was set to win the competition with the extremely popular song Mandoline: Being the clear fan favourite, Sasa won both televoting and SMS- voting by a landslide, however, the highly controversial jury voting completely ignored herentry- thus, Sasa ended up on 2nd place again. Both of Sasa's EMA- songs were written by Andrej Babic, a well- known composer among Eurofans having written four entries for four different countries (Portugal 2008, Slovenia 2007, Bosnia and Herzegovina 2005 and Croatia 2003) up to now. In 2009, Andrej Babic is aiming to win EMA yet another time with the composition Love symphony, performed by Quartissimo. As a singer, Sasa has not been competing on EMA again since the questionable incident in 2006. However, having founded her own company, Sasa was the manager of no less than three artists from EMA 2008.

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