eurodanceweb award: Mihai Traistariu in the lead

by Marcus Klier 116 views

For the eighth time, the eurodanceweb award is being held in 2008. The competition features dance artists from all over Europe and the Mediterranean Area. 40 Countries are competing and 2006 Eurovision Song Contest entrant Mihai Traistariu from Romania is currently in the lead by a huge margin after almost 23,000 votes cast.

Mihai Traistriu's song Yourlove ishighis currently in the lead with 44% of the votes followed by Dj Remo ft. G. Andrzejewicz from Poland with 12% and Bloom 06 from Italy with 9%. Paul Oscar, who represented Iceland in 1997, is currently 12th place whileEvridiki, who represented Cyprus three times, is in 24th place. Many other Eurovision Song Contest national final entrants and background singers are taking part, although none of them seems to be reaching for a top position right now.

The polls are still open and you can cast your votes until the end of December. Previous award winners include Karmen Stavec in 2002, who would represented Slovenia in the Eurovision Song Contestthe following yearand Natalia Podolskaya in 2005, who represented Russiain the Eurovision Song Contest that year but won the award for Belarus.

Mihai Traistariu represented Romania in the 2006 Eurovision Song Contest and finished 4th with Tornerò. Paul Oscar finished 20th for Iceland in 1997 with the song Minn hinsti dans. Evridiki finished 11th for Cyprus both in 1992 and 1994 with Teriazoume and Ime anthropos ki ego respectively. In 2007 she returned to the competition but was eliminated in the semi final when finishing 15th with Comme ci, comme ça. Karmen Stavec finished 23rd for Slovenia in 2003 with Nanana and Natalia Podolskaya came 15th for Russia in 2005 with Nobody hurt no one.

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