Esther Hart and Mango nuts to Dutch final

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In the second preselection of the Nationaal Songfestival 2003, the Dutch selection for the Eurovision Song Contest, Esther Hart (performing One more night) has been chosen by the jury to proceed to the final, which will take place at March 1. The audience also selected Esther Hart, so their second choice will proceed to the final too: the Mango Nuts (singing ánd dancing Time to party).

Esctoday.com was present at the programme.The atmosphere was definately better than last week, because it was clear that the producing broadcaster did something with the negative comments they received after the previous selection. Some details changed in the venue to create a better image for television viewers.

The Beanuts, singing Give it up!, received huge applause from the audience and a positive comment from the jury. “A bit old fashioned, but nice!”, jury head Cornald Maas said. Jury member Nance talked about “a possible Waterloo-effect”. They ended up 4th.

Barbera Lok sang Als twee vrienden (Like two friends). She reminded everybody to Willeke Alberti, which is not strange because she is one of Willeke's backing vocals. Especially former Eurovision participant Corry Brokken was impressed by the song, nevertheless it ended up 6th.

Winner Esther Hart performed One more night. “Forget the British”, Cornald Maas said, referring to her participation to the British national final. Afterwards Esther announced that the BBC has to find another performer for her song, so she will not perform there anymore. One more night will soon be released on single.

Sofuja & Glenn Corneille performed She would, a song with only a voice and a piano. They came close to a victory, but ended up second after all. “A risky song, I am afraid of the Michelle syndrom”, Cornald Maas said.

Steffen de Wolff ended up as very last with his song Jij laat me nooit meer los (You will never let me go). Jury member Coot van Doesburg said it “did not surprise” her.

The Mango Nuts ended up third in the jury vote and second in the televote. Because Esther Hart won the televote, the runners up from the televote won. They had difficulties because of the fact that three group members have been replaced two weeks ago because they had other obligations, but were surprised to win after all.

Suzanne performed the ballad Over the moon and ended up fifth. “I miss something in your eyes (…) beautiful song anyway”, jury member Coot van Doesburg said.

George Lotze ended the list of eight with his song Footprints in the sand, which reminded us to Can you feel the love tonight and We are the world. The jury had comments on his English, he ended up 7th.

In the meantime it became public that the viewing rates were a bit higher than last week. The preselection had approximately 10% of the television viewers, which is more compared with last week (6,1% of the television viewers).

Now we have Mary Amora, Zooom, Esther Hart and the Mango Nuts for the final in Rotterdam Ahoy' on March 1.

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