Putin gives Eurovision vote to UK

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Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber recently travelled to Russia to pay Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin a visit in Moscow, host city of the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest. They met to discuss certain aspects of concern about the competition, among them the poor results of the United Kingdom's entries in past few years.

With Lord Andrew being responsible for the next Eurovision Song Contest entry from the United Kingdom, the British broadcasterishoping to turn things around andis putting ina much increasedamount of programming in the hope of gaining a good result in Moscow.

Even though he neither has written a song for the next representative of the United Kingdomor selected theperformer at this point, Lloyd Webber already managed to gain the support of one of the biggest forces of global politics: Mr Putin has promised to vote for the United Kingdom next May.

However, despite being one of the most powerful politicians, Putin’s vote of course only counts as much as the vote from a normal TV viewer. Nevertheless, Lloyd Webber is pleased with the support and prefers to look at things on the bright side saying"At least we have got one vote from Mr Putin".

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