awards 2008: Your nominations (2)

by Marcus Klier 56 views

The second round of nominations for the 2008 awards is taking place. From now on, you can decide who should be nominated in the categories Best act no to qualify from the semi finals and Most traditional Europop song.

Best act not to qualify from the semi finals

This category was introduced last year. Evridiki from Cyprus, who finished 13th in the semi final, accepted her award live in the 2008 Cypriot national final (you can read more here). This year, two semi finals were held for the first time. 18 of the 43 entries in the competition did not reach the final.Who would have deserved to reach the final the most?

  • You can vote for the nominees for Best act not to qualify from the semi finals here.

Most traditional Europop song

This category was also introduced last year. After the voting, there was a tie beetween On top of the world from the Netherlands and I love you mi vida from Spain, the Dutch entry was eventually chosen Most traditional Europop song of the year in a second round of voting. Five songs canbe nominated out of the entries from Slovenia, Andorra, Greece, Iceland, Sweden, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Belarus, Latvia and Germany. Of course, there cannot be an exact definition of what is a Europop song but the ten songs from the countries above are probably the most typical songs of the genre out of the 43 presented in the Eurovision Song Contest 2008.

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