Russia: t.A.T.u release new album

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Earlier this month t.A.T.u, who represented Russia at the Eurovision Song Contest 2003 and were placed 3rd realeased their third album titled Happy Smiles.

t.A.T.u.'s third studio album "Happy Smiles" was released October 21.Previous to that, in May 2008 t.A.T.u. released the most unique maxisingle in band's history – Beliy Plaschik which appeared on 15th line of Billboard Russia magazine May Album Sales Chart.

Veselye Ulybki (Happy Smiles)contains 12 tracks. For almost a yearthe working title of the album was Upravleniye Otbrosami (Waste Management). – "But a month before the release – for the sake of ironic smile of those, who understand –the title changed. The essence, however, remained", states the band.

Songs for Happy Smiles have contributed:Masha Maksakova, a 16-year-old school girl from St. Petersburg who also wrote the lyrics Beliy Plaschik is based on, Billy Steinberg,who has writtenfor Madonna as well as t.A.T.u. smash hit All about us in 2005, Valery Polienko and Sergei Galoyan, the composer of Not gonna get us. Songs from the album will be part of the soundtrack of You and I, a film by Roland Joffe, expected to be released in 2009.

Happy smiles track list

1. Intro
2. Beliy Plaschik
3. You and I
4. Snegopady
5. 220
6. Marsianskiye Glaza
7. Chelovechki
8. Happy Smiles
9. Running Blind
10. Fly on the Wall
11. Vremya Luny
12. Ne Zhaley

Tatu 220

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