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We have an exclusive report about a lot of plans made by ETV.

ETV invited 800 well-dressed people to the concert hall of the national operahouse “Estonia” to shoot the first of the 24 videoclips introducing Estonia for the Eurovision Song Contest tv-show next year in Tallinn.

The clip introduces Estonia as a country with long singing traditions. Estonian National Mens' Choir was moving their mouths and Karmel Eikner (previous hostess of the cultural program in ETV) was leading the choir.

The director of the videoclips Rene Vilbre says that they have chosen 5 clips from 5 different authors for the summer shootings and the work is progressing with heavy speed.

The scenario of the clips will not the made public before the May 25th 2002. But it is known that the inspiration of the clips has been received from the well-known European fairy tales.

ETVs' Eurovision project public relations chief Raivo Suni includes that in addition of shooting the clips ETV is also working on the budget and looking for sponsors. “Organizing is in the busy, working phase. We can't speak about many things yet”, he said.

Suni says that they are still putting together the structure of the show. It will be written by Rene Vilbre (the director of the show) together with internationally approved copywriters Rene Reinumägi and Kaido Veermäe.

ETV has an idea to organize the public viewing of the song contest, because not many people can make it to see it live in the venue. “One option is that we put a huge screen to the Festival Arena in Tallinn where more people can take part of the event”, mentions Suni. Festival Arena is the place where Estonians hold their singing festivals and it is also the place where the so called singing revolution, the beginning of new era, took place in 1988. More than 300 000 people fitted to the open air arena then.

After the show should be a big party, but where, it has not been decided yet.

The official of Tallinn City Government Kaire Teniste says that they are doing everything possible to create a good athmospere for the song contest. Teniste admits that Eurovision is a good oportunity to advertize the city. “Here will be 500-600 journalists, for them the impression of the city should be good”.

Teniste promises that all the people in Tallinn will feel that there is a song contest in city. The hole week, then there are thousands of guests in Tallinn, numerous cultural events will be held. “We have to take care that our guests will not be bored”.

The mayor of Tallinn Tõnis Palts has promised to make a reception for the members of the delegations. For 2000 people all together.

ETV has left all problems concerning the accomodation of the guests to the travel agency EstTravel, which won the competition organized by ETV.

According to SL Õhtuleht there is not possible to make reservations to most of the hotels in Tallinn and some of the guest houses have announced 'special prizes' during the contest.

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