The Netherlands: Send Anouk to Moscow!

by René Romkes 30 views

Two weeks ago we already reported about the online Eurovision poll going on in The Netherlands. Some journalists and fans of the Eurovision Song Contest organised a poll to find the most suitable Dutch candidate for Moscow. The results have just been released: the Dutchies want Anouk!

For 6 consecutive weeks Dutch fans could send in their top 10 lists. Every week 5 artists or bands proceeded to the final which consisted of 25 potential representatives.

The outcome shows several suprises: Gerard Joling, one of the most popular singers at the moment in The Netherlands, didn’t score as well as expected. Also the gay boyband Bearforce 1 didn’t make it to the top 10, although they’ve shown interest in a Eurovision adventure several times already. Probably the biggest surprise might be the name of Glennis Grace in the top 5. The Dutch singer represented her country already back in 2005, but didn’t make it to the final then, which caused a lot of criticism in The Netherlands about the current voting system. Apparently quite some Dutch fans want to give Glennis a second chance.

The organisers of the poll, The Eurovision Platform, hope that Dutch broadcaster NOS will have a close look at the list, as it reflects the wish of the Dutch fans. The official statement says: ‘We think that all artists in the top 5 should be capable to do very well in The Eurovision Song Contest, maybe even the entire top 10! Hopefully, NOS will bring out a name as soon as possible, so we can contact all talented Dutch songwriters and producers to write a great song! It’s time to see The Netherlands back in the final!’

The full outcome of the poll:

1. Anouk49014. Gerard Joling229
2. Within Temptation48615. The Toppers223
3. Nick & Simon36016. Bearforce 1219
*. Glennis Grace36017. Nathalie (Makoma)202
5. Van Velzen33718. Kane201
6. Petra Berger32019. Chipz!182
7. Big, Black and Beautiful317*. Berget Lewis182
8. Alain Clark31521. Nurlaila Karim173
9. Ilse de Lange27122. Wende Snijders146
10. Trijntje Oosterhuis26723. Wouter Hamel123
11. Karin Bloemen26224. Zuco 103112
12. Krezip24525. Ellen Eeftnik57
13. Tatjana243

You can watch a videoclip of Anoukbelow:

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