Ich Troje's advantage is only 3 percent

by Kamil Górecki 70 views

As we reported earlier, 300,000 votes were waiting to be counted after Polish national final. The broadcaster TVP claimed they would not change the final results anyway, because most of them were the votes for Ich Troje. And they were not.

Here are the final results:
1. Ich Troje – 31.8 %
2. Wilki – 29.2 %
3. Blue Cafe – 17.2 %

TVP claims the official results are those which were revealed during the national final. “The rules are clear – only the votes counted during 15 minutes are valid. If Wilki (pictured) got the most votes, we would have a problem,” said Jakub Szymański, the head of media projects in TVP.

Many people, not only Eurovision fans are still very furious, because they were not able to vote by SMS. They say the voting was not fair, because not everybody could vote. Those votes, that they wanted to send could change the results. On the other hand there is a strong group of people really satisfied with the results. And they are not only Ich Troje's fans.

TVP said the rules of the voting will be corrected next time. It is a clear suggestion for fans – Poland will have national final next time.

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