Dutch participants introduced during press meeting

by Sietse Bakker 53 views

At a press conference the Dutch broadcasters NOS and TROS introduced the 32 participants of the preselections of the Nationaal Songfestival 2003. As esctoday.com's headquarter is located in the Netherlands, we went to Hilversum to join them!

The press attention for the Nationaal Songfestival 2003 and its preselections was huge. More than 100 journalists and photographers joined the press conference, which was turned into a small show. Jury head Willem van Beusekom gave a detailed introduction about the jury system. Preselection host Harm Edens introduced himself and, as usual, he joked a bit about the participants, the Eurovision Song Contest and the whole atmosphere around it. Loes Luca, who will host the final of the Dutch selection, will not appear as Loes but as Nanette, a French girl with a French accent (Loes Luca is, by the way, an actrice). The host couple placed the new website songfestival.nl officially online. For those who can't read Dutch there is an English part available.

Around midnight and tomorrow we will give more, detailed information about the participants, their songs and the whole show. We also have exclusive pictures from the artists. And we will place some audio clips online from available songs.

As you might know, esctoday.com is independant and does not promote a specific country or song. As we are originally Dutch and got the opportunity to be present at the press conference, we don't want to keep this detailed information away from you, because there is never enough to tell! Enjoy more information later on tonight!

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