Greece: OGAE Serbia welcomes Kalomira

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As already reported, Kalomira who will represent Greece at this year`s Eurovision Song Contest, ended her promo tour in Belgrade. During her visit to the Serbian capital city, she was interviewed by media, and also she was a special guest of Sunday Morning Show at Serbian national TV RTS. After all that, Kalomira was hosted by OGAE Serbia in Belgrade`s club “Plato” � the next Eurocafe. was there, too.

When Kalomira came with her team to “Plato“, everybody was excited. She was the first2008 contestantto visit the Eurocafe and everyone wanted to hear her impressions which were positive. Everyone wanted to hear about Kalomira`s plans for the Eurovision Song Contest. A lot of questions and Kalomira kindly answered all of them. Kalomira didn’t hide her happiness to be in Belgrade: “ I am so happy to end my promo tour in Belgrade. You guys are so nice and hospitable. There is a lot of similarities between Serbian and Greek people." she said.

She also has been talking about her plans, choreography for Belgrade, voting system etc: : "I have a new choreographer. His name is Giuliano. As choreography maker he is fresh and modern – his sense for dance and his way of thinking will make me look a bit different on stage, but still it will be my style." she revealed.

We asked Kalomira about the voting system and (non)political voting and the stage in Belgrade Arena. This is what she said: "People are telling me about politics and the voting system all the time… Hm, you know what I think!? If you do a good job on stage and get focused on the performance, there is no political thing which can stop you succeeding".

Speaking about the stage of the next Eurovision Song Contest Kalomira said she was thrilled by the size of it : "I adore big stages. Even ifit is not a concert, but a show, I still love it and I would like to use the whole stage." Kalomira also said that she and her team intend to make a Greek version of Secret combination right after Eurovision.

At the end she said that there are no more cities to visit before the Contest and also said how happy she is about going home where she will spend the Easter holidays.

Kalomira in the 2008 Eurocafe

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