Israel: Boaz Mauda in Amsterdam

by René Romkes 81 views

Yesterday, Boaz Mauda took the time for an interview by esctoday.com during his visit to Amsterdam. Boaz talked with us about his preparations for Belgrade, his expectations, his stage performance and about his favourite songs this year.

Hi Boaz. Welcometo Amsterdam! What's the reason of your visit?
I'm here because I was invited by the organisation Collective Israel Action (CIA). Tonight they have their annual charity events in Amsterdam to raise money for one of their charity activities. This year the money will go to Ethiopian orphans living in Israel. Of course, I couldn't refuse this invitation."

How do you feel about representing Israel this year in the Eurovision Song Contest?
I consider it as a heavy responsibility. I have a Yemenite background, like for example Dana International and Izhar Cohen. They are Eurovision winners, so the expectations in Israel are high".

We're about one and a half month away from the contest. How do you prepare and do you feel some tension already?
Yes! I rehearse a lot and I do sports every day. I try to run 5 km at least daily. As for the tension, we will arrive in Belgrade on the 8th of May already, so I have plenty of time to get used to the city of Belgrade and to the stage. Hopefully I will feel at easeon stage after all the rehearsals."

Lets talk about the Israeli final, Kdam. You performed 5 ballads. Why was that? Do you prefer singing ballads? And was Ke'ilo Kan your favourite song as well?
We received hundreds of songs, that was great! Then the 5 best songs had to be selected and they all happened to be ballads indeed. Ke'ilo kan (The fire in your eyes) was my favourite song right from the first moment I heard it.

I feel very close to the song and it's an honour that Dana Internationalwrote it especially for me. She knows me and she knows my vocal range, so when she found out about my forthcoming participation, she decided to write a song for me. I was very happy that the Israeli jury and televoters chose this song.Of course, I couldn't say that this was my favourite song during the whole selection process, but it really was! I can reveal as well that Dana will come with me to Belgrade!"

Did you hear any of the other entries already? If so, which songs do you like and which songs don't you like? And how about the joke entries, what do you think of that?
Yes, in the meantime I heard all the songs. My favourite at the moment would be Sweden. I can't tell you which songs I don't like; that wouldn't be very smart, but it was worth a try asking! As for the joke entries, I have no problems with that. In the past there were a lot of joke entries as well in the Eurovision Song Contest."

Can you tell us something about your stage performance in Belgrade?
I will bring 5 male backing singers, but for the rest we'll keep it simple.I don't think we need gimmicks on stage. I will be there to sing and that's what I'm going to do. Hopefully the people will like my song".

Finally, what do you think of your chances? What's your goal?
I really don't know! Hopefully the European voters will like the pureness of my song. Of course I hope both Israel as The Netherlands will go to the final, but I know the Eurovision Song Contestis like a big lottery."

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