Lior Narkis chose his 4 songs for the Kdam

by Itamar Barak 82 views

Israeli entrant to the 2003 Eurovision Song Contest, Lior Narkis (picture), and his team have chosen the 4 songs he will perform in the pre-selection, Kdam-Eurovision.

More than 250 songs reached the producers of Narkis, but the songs chosen are thoughgt to be songs written by more professional musicians.

On 23rd January, the Israeli broadcaster (IBA) will broadcast a special edition of Kdam-Eurovision (Israeli pre-selection), which will celebrate Israel's 30th anniversary in Eurovision. In that show, pre-recorded performances of Narkis' 4 songs will be presented to the viewers. 3 songs have non-Hebrew titles, and one is in Hebrew. Here are the songs:
1. God Bless the Universe. Written by Yossi Gispan, composed by Uzi Chitmann.
2. I Love You
3. Choopy Choopy (has no meaning in Hebrew).
Both of these songs were written by Yossi Gispan and composed by Yoni Ro'eh.
4. Lo Rotze Lihyot Kokachav (Don't want to be a star). By an unknown writer, Ilan Shahaf.

Yossi Gispan, who wrote 3 of the songs, is a very successful writer of the mediterranean music in Israel. Uzi Chitmann wrote and composed the song Kan, with which Israel reached the 3rd place in the 1991 Eurovision Song Contest.

The final entry for Riga will be selected by a mixed vote of a jury and the IBA's viewers televote.

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