ESCToday’s National Chart: Objetivo Eurovisión 2016 (Spain)

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The ESCToday National Chart is a chart that predicts who is going to win a national selection based on various reactions and rankings, before the selection kicks off. As Objetivo Eurovisión 2016 will take place tomorrow, it is time to see who has the best chances to win among the six participating songs.


  • YouTube Ranks (30%)  Based on the various ‘my personal top’ recaps that are uploaded to YouTube. The act with the highest average ranking gets 30 points, second gets 29 points, all the way to the 30th place who gets one point
  • YouTube Views (30%) – Based on the popularity of the songs and artists based on the view count of the official videos or the video with the highest amount of views in case there is no official video. The act with the highest amount of views gets 30 points, second gets 29 points, all the way to the 30th place who gets one point
  • ESCToday’s Poll (30%) – Based on our readers’ and followers’ opinions who voted in the poll we have launched earlier this week. In case of a tie, all songs with the same amount of votes get the average amount of points (for example three songs sharing the 1st, 2nd and 3rd places will get 29 points each)
  • ESCToday’s Team Opinion (10%) – Based on the team’s opinions regarding each entry and its chances to win the national selection


1BareiSay yay!302530893
2Xuso Jones Victorious2520251078
3María IsabelLa vida sólo es una203020575
4Electric Nana Now151015445
5Maverick – Un mundo más feliz5157229
6Salvador Beltrón – Días de alegría1057628


  • Barei, who also tops the iTunes Charts in Spain, is going to represent the country in the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 according to ESCToday’s National Chart, with average placing of 1.8 at the YouTube Ranks and 41% of the votes in ESCToday’s Poll
  • Xuso and María are tight on the second and third places, and might also surprise during tomorrow’s show

Barei – Say yay!: Winner of Spain’s ESCToday National Chart

Stay tuned to for more news regarding Objetivo Eurovisión and Spain in the Eurovision Song Contest 2016

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