Eurovision Song Contest 2015 tops Google’s search list

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The Eurovision Song Contest 2015 in Vienna, Austria, is among the top of Google’s searched items. Technology company Google has released the 2015 figures of its search engine, and Europe’s favourite musical show ranks high in the list.

Spanning sixty years of television entertainment, the Eurovision Song Contest continues to be one of Europe’s most beloved events. This year, the ESC 2015 in Vienna, Austria, was one of the most Googled items. Across Europe, Eurovision and related items were trending.

For example, in the United Kingdom the ESC was the most trending show, and in Ireland it was the fifth trending news moment, plus the highest searched TV-programme. Polina Gagarina, who finished second during the grand final of Eurovision 2015, was the second most searched name in both Russia and Belarus, while the ESC itself was the highest trending topic of the year. The Eurovision Song Contest is found in the top ten of highest ranking search items in Belarus, Belgium, Greece, Hungary, Poland and Spain.

Of course, in winning country Sweden, Eurovision features prominently in the top ten of searched terms. Furthermore, Swedish winner of 2015 Måns Zelmerlöw was the most searched artist in Sweden, and his winning Eurovision-song Heroes is found in the top five of the country’s trending songs. Also, the Swedish preselection for Eurovision, Melodifestivalen, ranks in second place in the list of trending TV-shows, with the ESC itself following close behind in place four.

Other countries also show a wider interest in Eurovision-related subjects. Denmarks preselection for Eurovision, Dansk Melodi Grand Prix, is found in the country’s top ten of most searched terms of the year. And Italy’s preselection, the San Remo Festival, ranks in the Italian top five of search trends. In Belgium, Eurovision-participant Loïc Nottet, who earned a fourth place in the grand final with his song Rhythm Inside, was the most trending artist. Israëls entry, Golden Boy, performed by Nadev Guedj, is the number two in the country’s list of trending songs.

The Eurovision Song Contest continues to captivate and entertain the European public.

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