Malta: Rehearsals continue for Thursday's semi

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Rehearsals in Malta for the Go Malta Song For Europe semi final on Thursday continue today. Highlights from yesterday included seeing the giant video screen that will sit on stage, tap dancing for Glen and Pamela, a strong vocal performance from Morena and Klinsmann being joined by his band for his performance.

A brief review of yesterday's rehearsals is provided by esctoday.com's partner website, www.escmalta.com. Rehearsals are not in order of Thursday night's running order! Later today, in partnership with escmalta.com, we will bring you a review of today's rehearsals. Below, you can find a link to escmalta.com where you can view images of the stage and some of the rehearsing artists and a link to watch all the entries for this year's Go Malta Song For Europe.

Loved by you – Glen & Pamela

The song involves some tapping dancing and there is a lot of visual aid on screens set on stage. The duo are tuned and they seem to enjoy every minute of it on stage.

Contradiction – Jeane Claude Vancell

Two dancers will accompany Jean Claude on stage, but they were not present for the first rehearsal. Fire flames appear on the giant video screens set on stage.

Give me a chance – Eleanor Cassar

Eleanor performs alone on stage and gives a great vocal performance. There are simple but effective visualisations on the screens. Eleanor seemed satisfied with her performance.

My Last Encore – Mary Spiteri

Mary appears alone on stage, she has been a bit sick during the last two days but gives a good performance, despite the illness. Theatrical visuals are seen on the screens.

Casanova – Morena

Morena's voice is well tuned and she gives a very good performance. The visual aspect is dominated by fire flames and the light work is very colourful and leave a great impression.

Throw your stones – Daniela Vella

The second newcomer of this festival appears on stage. Her voice is picthed well and the lightwork is base on a blue colour. Daniela sings with passion and gives a good performance.

Love is just the way – Rosman Pace

Appearing alone on stage, Rosman gave a good first rehearsal. The visuals used are sparkle lines. The singer decided to take a very short break in the middle of his rehearsal.

Go – Klinsmann

Klinsmann Coleiro is next on stage accompanied by his band. There are a lot of light moves on stage and visualisations are very colourful. Klinsmann rehearsed with both ear-mic and stand mic while the boys' performance was full of energy.

  • You can see a gallery of images courtesy of escmalta.com here.
  • Watch all the videos of the Maltese songs here.

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