United Kingdom: So you think you’re a Eurovision fan?

by Robin Scott 183 views

Well there are several ways to test that out!

If you sit at a table during one of the OGAE’s annual events across Europe you may just find that a regular event will be the Eurovision Quiz. You might find out that what you thought of as your expertise is trounced by others at the table who know things about the contest which you haven’t even wanted to remember!

In the United Kingdom the website of The Guardian newspaper has put together an interesting mix of sixty questions to celebrate sixty editions of our beloved contest. Some will be easy for the regular follower of the Eurovision Song Contest, but others will have some of the even more devoted enthusiasts thinking for a while before they choose one of the multiple choice answers.

Here is the link to the quiz.

This writer will have to find out why he didn’t achieve the top mark, or  douze points, of the quiz and will have to brush up on those little known facts that I am supposed to know!

Enjoy testing your knowledge!

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