Belgium: A busy day for Loïc Nottet; Rhythm inside is released!

by Fernando Méndez 715 views

The song that Belgium will send to Vienna performed by Loïc Nottet was unveiled and broadcast by radio today. Rhythm inside, with music by the singer himself and lyrics by his The Voice coach BJ Scott, is Loïc’s first song and his entry for the Eurovision Song Contest 2015. The video is available in YouTube too.

Tuesday, 10 March 2015 in the Maison de Vienne in Brussels. The press is gathered by the Belgian French-speaking broadcaster RTBF for the premiere of entry that is to represent the country in the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest. We have known for some time that the young singer from the pools of The Voice Loïc Nottet was the chosen artist who would be the carrier of the Belgian flag in the Wiener Stadthalle, but the song remained a unknown.

Quite appropriately in the Maison de Vienne, the city that will host the Eurovision Song Contest 2015, the song Rhythm inside was presented to the accredited press during a press conference hosted by Maureen Louys and Jean-Louis Lahaye (who will comment the Eurovision galas for the RTBF viewers).

Rhythm inside is described as entrancing and primitively majestic. It reminds us that the mechanism of our heart is invariable. Loïc Nottet has gotten deeply involved in the whole project. He composed the music and the melody and has participated in the making of the choreography. He has also worked on the presentation that will be seen in Vienna.

The lyrics of the song were written by Beverly Jo Scott, who coached Loïc during his participation in The Voice.

Taking advantage of the presence of Loïc himself in the Maison de Vienne, he was requested to give some more detains about the creation of the song, and what the performance will look like in Vienna.

About the making, Loïc said that he had a clear picture of the track that he wanted to let people hear. The beat and the tune were clear in his mind, but he had a hard time finding the words he needed to pass the message of the song. This is where his coach BJ stepped in and composed the lyrics for Loïc’s song. A beautiful joint project by the coach and her pupil, which is indeed Loïc Nottet’s first song.

About Vienna and the presentation little information transpired, but Loïc hinted that there would be some moves. We shall wait a bit to see what he means by that…

The press that the privilege to preview the music video if Rhythm inside, which premiered on the Belgian channel La Une before The Voice.

Rhythm inside is already hitting the waves in Belgium. Loïc visited the studios of the RTBF’s radio station Vivacité some time after the press conference, where he had the chance to listen to the song again and hear the comments of the listeners on the phone and chat briefly with them. There he said that it is an experience in itself to listen to himself, hoping that people will like his music. From the comments of the audience, his hopes are fulfilled. After this visit he had to run for another interview with the Dutch-language Belgian radio station MNM.

The video to Rhythm inside premiered already on La Une, and it is on the Eurovision YouTube channel for you to enjoy.

The artist is known, the song is out, and Belgium is ready to hit the Stadthalle in Vienna in May.

Loïc Nottet will sing Rhythm inside for Belgium in the first semi-final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2015 in Vienna, and hopefully too in the Grand Final.

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