Slovenia: Meet the EMA participants

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The Slovenian national final for the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest EMA will be taking a place a week Saturday, 28 February. In this special article we are going to introduce the 8 acts who are in the running to represent Slovenia.



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Maraaya is a duo consisting of members Marjetka and Raay.

Marjetka is a singer and vocal coach based in Ljubljana. During her career as a vocal teacher, Marjetka has also come up with her own individual style, in which she uses whilst having the chance to work with other artists of different genre styles.

Raay, a well-known producer and writer also based in Ljubljana, has helped with the compositions of previous entries for both the Eurovision Song Contest (Round and round, Slovenia 2014) and the Junior Eurovision Song Contest (Nisi sam, Slovenia 2014).

Together, the couple have written a number of songs together and are currently working on their debut album.

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