Denmark: ESCToday’s interview with Andy Roda

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Andy Roda was in Copenhagen last year with Basim. This year he is back in the Dansk MGP with his own bid as a lead vocalist, trying to go with his own proposal to the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest. He gave us a few minutes to talk a bit about the Dansk MGP and his entry Love is love.

The singer Andy Roda is no newcomer to this competition. And you can feel how much he enjoys the experience of fighting his own way to the Eurovision Song Contest. He is proud of his entry and looking forward to perform it.

Love is love. Quite a statement… What does your song tell the audience about it, about love?

Love is love is an encompassing title because it speaks not only of love for a partner or a close person. It is a combination of many things. I met Maria H. Jensen [one of the authors of the entry] when I was a teenager and life brought us together again last year. I personally found love again, and when you experience and feel that, as it’s not so easy to find love, I want everybody to experience that, to wake up next to someone that you love. Maria and I completed the song together, as I had been working on it for three years. She helped me consolidate it and say Love is love in a concise way.

Another inspiration was my auntie, who passed last year, and she was like a mother to me. Experiencing death in a very close relationship made me thing deeper about the meaning of life. And the end of the day what you remember is the love that you shared and received from people. It’s a spiritual message: we all come from that source of life, that love.

I grew up singing Gospel. It’s really my Gospel, my way of sharing it and a message of love. It’s not just a pop-song, it has a deeper spiritual message for me.

With the beat of Love is love in mind, is the track expected to hit the floors in Denmark and abroad?

I definitely hope song. It’s a very dynamic song. The beginning is very intimate, it starts like more a ballad, reflecting my message of intimacy between two people in a bigger spiritual level. I try to show that in the song recording. On a side note, we already have some club remixes ready, so we’ll definitely take this Gospel to the dance floors. My dream is that spreads the message of love is spread on the radio and dance floors, wherever it can go.

Can you give us a hint of what we will see in your performance during the Dansk MGP?

It’s a very beautiful piece, one I´m proud of. It’s a vision I created together with Maria. It’s a very beautiful lyrical, poetic expression. I have a huge surprise for the performance. I’m confident saying that we will give you pure Eurovision perfection and lots of high energy.

You were last year with Basim in the Eurovision Song Contest. How did you like that experience?

I loved it. I’ve been working as a musician since I was a teenager. This is my life. I hope I can inspire other people as a lead singer. When I experienced the Eurovision Song Contest with Basim, it was a fun and amazing experience. I cherish these moments expressing myself as a vocalist and trying different forms of working as a musician.

Did you ever think of presenting the entry in Danish, or was it English all the way?

I was born and raised in Copenhagen to Filipino parents. I’ve experienced different cultures. Though my mother tongue is Danish but English as well. I think that when you have a platform such as Eurovision, with three minutes to share your song, you think, what are you going to do with those three minutes? I think that this is the perfect moment, to share my message of love, an inspiring one, and showing my true power as a musician: to inspire people.

So, basically, your message is aimed at the whole world. You expect to have it sent beyond Denmark and Europe…

Yes, and indeed, I received a video-message from a fan in China who congratulated me and sent me his greetings. It’s a blessing to see my music going beyond the boundaries. The message is out there, traveling… But Love is love has a life, I’m just the messenger. The song is a baby going out to the world.

Thank you Andy, and good luck on stage in Aalborg.

Andy Roda will sing Love is love at the Danish national selection for the forthcoming Eurovision Song Contest.

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