Spain: Edurne will look like a Hellenic Warrior in Amanecer’s videoclip

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Edurne, the 2015 Spanish Eurovision representative and TVE have finished recording the official videoclip of the 2015 Spanish Eurovision entry Amanecer.

TVE, the Spanish national broadcaster has revealed more details regarding the official videoclip of the 2015 Spanish Eurovision entry Amanecer. The 2015 Spanish Eurovision representative Edurne will have the look of a Hellenic Warrior in the video, parts of which have been filmed in 3D and include special effects.

Amanecer‘s videoclip has been directed by German De La Hoz and David Arnal, who have been working on the theme and concept of the video since November. TVE also reveals that  Amanecer’s videoclip will feature a special story which will be portrayed in a beautiful way. Edurne assures everyone that the videoclip will serve as a presentation card to the European audience prior to her performance in May. She expects both the song and its videoclip will entice and impact the Eurovsion fans and audience.

The video has been filmed in Valencia and we will see Edurne in 4 different outfits, and is expected to be released in February as TVE has confirmed to ESCToday.  The audio version of the entry was also recorded last week and now will be remastered and given its final touches in Spain and Sweden.

RTVE’s Orchestra will collaborate closely with Edurne and her team in the coming days as it will be resposible to record part of the musical cords for Amanecer‘s pop version. The recording will take place at Madrid’s Teatro Monumental. A special symphonic version of the 2015 Spanish Eurovision entry is expected to be recorded in March.

Edurne is not the only protagonist of the videoclip, TVE has disclosed that a well known Spanish female star joins the 2015 Spanish Eurovision hopeful in the story.

She describes her entry Amanecer as a magical song and goes on to comment that the videoclip has a magical touch too. Edurne does not reveal when her entry and video will be premiere, thus keeping Eurovsion fans in suspense and anticipation.

You can view the recording of the videoclip below courtesy of RTVE.


Eurovision fans will be able to listen to the Spanish Eurovision entry and watch its official videoclip soon. TVE plans to release the Spanish Eurovision entry in due course.

Edurne will have the honour of defending the Spanish colours at the 60th Eurovision Song Contest in Austria next May. She will sing Amanecer in Vienna, a song that has been produced by none other than Tony Sanchez Ohlsson, the author of the 2007 and 2012 Spanish Eurovision entries ( I love you mi vida (DNASH) and Quedate conmigo (Pastora Soler) and the Swedish dream team Thomas G:son and Peter Bostrom. Both G:son and Bostrom were the composers of the 2012 Swedish winning entry Euphoria. Thomas G:son has been behind many Eurovision entries in the past years: the 2007 and 2012 Spanish entries, the 2010 Danish Eurovision entry, the 2001, 2006 and 2012 Swedish Eurovision entries and the 2007 Norwegian Eurovision entry.

The 2015 Spanish representative will sing her Eurovision entry entirely in Spanish in Vienna. She describes Amanecer a modern pop melody.

Both Edurne and her team along with TVE will be working very hard and round the clock in order to showcase a magnificent and extraordinary staging and performance in Vienna.

About Edurne

Edurne shot to fame in Spain in 2005 when she competed in the 4th season of the popular talent show Operacion Triunfo aired on private Spanish television channel Telecinco. She achieved a 6th place in the show and has gone places since her Operacion Triunfo days. She has released a total of 5 albums and has gained much name, fame and recognition in Spain both as a singer and tv host. She has participated in various television shows in Spain and is much appreciated among the younger generations.

Edurne is currently working on her forthcoming album with Tony Sanchez Ohlsson. It will be Edurne’s sixth album and will be released by Sony Music Spain.

The story so far

In 2014 Spain opted for a national selection in order to select its Eurovision entry and act for Copenhagen. Ruth Lorenzo won the 2014 Spanish national final with her entry Dancing in the rain and achieved an honorable 10th place at the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest grand final.

Spain debuted at the Eurovision Song Contest in 1961 and has participated at every Eurovision edition since then. Spain has won the contest in 1968 with Massiel and 1969 in Salome. Spain has not missed even one contest since its debut in 1961 and has competed in the contest religiously every year since its debut year. Spain has competed in Eurovision 54 times.

The 2015 Eurovision Song Contest is scheduled to be held on 19, 21, 23 May at the Wiener Stadthalle, in Vienna.

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