Cyprus: New schedule for the Eurovision Song Project 2015

by Fernando Méndez 568 views

The forthcoming Eurochallenges of the Cypriot national selection for the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest have new dates. Here we bring you all the details you need to keep following the artists who are fighting for their place in Vienna.

The Cypriot broadcaster CyBC has completed the emission of the auditions of its national final for the forthcoming Eurovision Song Contest. The auditions have been broadcast on Sundays.

The next phase of the country’s national selection is the Eurochallenges, which will see the qualified contenders from the auditions fighting for a place in the national finals.

The Eurochallenges will be broadcast on Fridays instead of the previously scheduled Sundays. Therefore, the new calendar of the Eurovision Song project in Cyprus is:

Eurochallenge 1: 16 January at 22:20 local time (21:20 CET).

Eurochallenge 2: 23 January at 22:20 local time (21:20 CET).

Grand Final: 1 February at 21:05 local time (20:05 CET).

The Grand Final will be live and streamed live on the CyBC website,, and it will be aired on RIK 1, RIK Sat (Hotbird) via satellite.

Keep checking for more news and links to follow the next phases of the Cypriot national final.

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