Cyprus: Sixth audition results

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The Cypriot national selection for the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest just added 2 more names to the list of participants that will continue to the Eurochallenge in the search for the country’s representative in Vienna.

The sixth audition of the Eurovision Song Project was broadcast by CyBC on 11 January.

The candidates to become the singer for Cyprus in the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest performed before the jury members Elena Patroklou, Alex Panayi, Despina Olympiou and Tasos Trifonos, who decided who made it to the next phase by voting “Yes” or “No” feach. The contenders who obtained at least three “Yes” qualified for the Eurochallenge.

The votes were cast as follows:

  • Maria Pavlou; sang Believe (Russia 2008) and Tha sou tragoudiso: 2 Yes (Patroklou, Olympiou), 2 No (Panayi, Trifonos).
  • Olivia Sofokli; sang Euphoria (Sweden 2012) and Miracle: 4 No.
  • Gore Melian; sang Without your love (Armenia 2006) and Your love: 1 Yes (Olympiou), 3 No (Patroklou, Trifonos, Panayi).
  • Panagiotis Koufogiannis; sang Fairytale (Norway 2009) and Without your love: 4 Yes.
  • Adrenaline by Kristis Koupatos; sang Satellite (Germany 2010) and Live your myth: 4 No.
  • Myria Pampori; sang Cool vibes (Switzerland 2005) and Find me: 2 Yes (Panayi, Patroklou) 2 No (Trifonos, Olympiou).
  • Stella Stylianou; sang Olou tou kosmou i Elpida (Greece 1992) and Thelo na chatho: 2 Yes (Panayi, Patroklou), 2 No (Trifonos, Olympiou).
  • Kyriakos Georgiou; sang Volare (Italy 1958) and Shake dat: 3 yes (Patroklou, Trifonos, Olympiou), 1 No (Panayi).

With these votes, the artists who will proceed to the next phase are:

  • Panagiagiotis Koufogiannis.
  • Kyriakos Georgiou.

These 2 singers will join the previously qualified Eva Diva, Emily Charalambous, Charalambos “Luna” Iosif, Maria Evangelou (1st audition); Christina Tselepou, Valence, Pieros Kezou, Maria Moskofian and Christiana Chatziiordanus, Ioanna Protopapa (2nd auditition); Eleni Irakleus, Doody, Nearchos Evangelou & Charis Savva, Christos Rialas (3rd audition); Minus One, Giannis Karagiannis (4th audition); Yuri, Apollonia, Hovig (5th audition).

The next phase starts on 18 January with the first Eurochallenge.

Since its first participation in 1981, Cyprus has not won the Eurovision Song Contest yet, a 5th position being its best result so far.

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Is Cyprus’s first Eurovision winner among any of the ones who have qualified so far, maybe? Let us know of your thoughts in a comment below this…