Albania: Festivali i Këngës presenters announced

by Helio Qendro 736 views

As we’re getting closer to the yearly Albanian national final Festivali i Këngës, things are getting more heated up with rehearsals going on and today the names of the three presenters who will be with us during the three nights were released.

After months of speculations from the Albanian media, the names of the 53rd edition of Festivali i Këngës presenters are: Liberta Spahiu, Turjan Hyska and Floriana Garo. For the Albanian public this are no new names, in fact they are very popular in the Albania and Kosovo for their many appearances.

Liberta Spahiu is a well-known TV presenter of Prive, a famous TV show in Albania and Kosovo which talks about the latest in Albanian showbiz. Nevertheless, Liberta is also recognized for her sense of fashion.

Turjan Hyska is a producer, presenter and a singer. He started his career many years ago being part of a famous boyband and since has many hits under their names and produced many TV shows, the most popular being the comedy show, Apartamenti 2XL.

Floriana Garo is no new to the Festivali i Këngës scene as she also presented with Enkel Demi in past years. She finished her studies in the United States and came back in Albania to start off as a model and eventually entered the TV world.

You can see some of their works below:


Stay tuned to for more news regarding the 53rd edition of Festivali i Këngës and the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest