Albania: Kejsi Tola’s Iceberg is hot

by Helio Qendro 1,551 views

Kejsi Tola, the 2009 Albanian representative in the Eurovision Song Contest, who sang Carry me in your dreams in Moscow, is competing this year in Kenga Magjike 2014 with a new song.

Iceberg; this is the title of Kejsi Tola‘s latest song, with which she chose to compete in this year’s edition of Kenga Magjike. Kenga Magjike is one of the most famous music competitions in Albania, getting major public recognition especially in the last 3 editions. As for Kejsi, she looks very different to what we’re used to seeing her. Kejsi comes as a grown woman this time, with a new hairstyle and a sophisticated outfit. Although she’s singing about ice, the ballad is actually very growing and warm, and Kejsi’s vocal melt the whole thing perfectly.

Below you can take a listen to her entry:

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