Interviews with Festivali i Kenges 53: Mjellma Berisha

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Joining the list of newcomers, Mjellma Berisha is also a product of the Voice of Albania who managed to reach the final. She has also participated in Top Fest prior to this participation and is well-known for her smooth vocals. Mjellma talked to for her upcoming participation in Festivali i Kenges, her song and also some of her favorite acts in Eurovision.

Hello Mjellma, this is calling! Thanks for agreeing on this interview with us! How does it feel to be a part of the Festivali i Kenges 53 list for this year? How did the choice to participate in this competition come about?

Hello to all the readers of! I am very happy that my entry was accepted for the Festival where the competition is very tough. To me, this festival is of great importance as most of the big names in Albanian music have participated at least once, so participating for me is a big privilege.

Mjellma, your participation in the Voice of Albania has been a major stimulus for your success in Albania and Kosovo. How has the Voice influenced your artistic growth?

Of course the Voice had it’s impact, as it is a very famous talent show, I tried to show all my talent in the best way and I reached the final. The Voice, I can say that had a big influence in my musical career, because it made me work harder but I want to add that I have sang before the Voice as well!

Your song is called Sot jetoj (Today, I live) composed and penned by Enis Mullaj. Can you tell us what is the song about and what do you want to send to the public through this song?

With this song, I want to give out an intriguing message for girls and their relationship with boys, which shows that women are tough even through the difficulties that they go through. (in this case, in relation to men) 🙂

For several years now, FiK is the platform that sends the winning song to Eurovision. How has that influenced your song and is Eurovision a dream of yours?

Of course Eurovision is a big stimulus to participate in Festivali i Kenges, and every singer has a set aim when they participate in a festival. As for me, I want to present the song in the best way possible and leave everything else to December. At the same time, I want to publicly thank the composer of the song, Enis Mullaj, who has realized an amazing and typical song for FiK.

What is your favorite musice genre and who do you consider as inspirational in the music world?

My musical preferences differ, starting from soul, pop-rnb, funk and rock, I also like listening to smooth jazz etc. My influences in the beginning were Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Alicia Keys. My favorite singer is Usher and I also like Boyz II Men, Kenny G and many many others.

Mjellma are you a follower of Eurovision? If yes, who are some of your favorite acts and who do you think was the best Albanian representative so far?

Yes, I have watched Eurovision regularly and I like it a lot. Some of the songs that have remained with me are: My Number One by Helena Paparizou, Wild Dances by Ruslana, Satellite by Lena and Euphoria by Loreen. As for the Albanian representatives, there is no doubt that Rona Nishliu was the winner of that night for me, where she had a powerful song and a mesmerizing performance.

The current Eurovision winner, Conchita Wurst was all over the media for her stage persona. What is your opinion on her?

Conchita Wurst, proved her song and why she was there that night, I liked her song a lot. As for the other aspects, I think it’s a personal choice, it’s her life and what she chooses to do, it’s nobody’s business to say more!

Thank you for your time Mjellma and we wish you the best in your presentation in Festivali i Kenges 53!

Thank you too, I wish success to every participant!

Below you can listen to some of Mjellma’s songs:

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