Interviews with Festivali i Kenges 53: Jozefina Simoni

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Jozefina Simoni is a newcomer to Festivali’s scene, which like some other participants this year, she is a product of the Voice of Albania. Even though at a young age, Jozefina got recognition for her vocal talent and stage presence. She took the time to sit an interview with and talk to us about her participation, collaboration with Bledar Sejko (2013 Albanian representative in the Eurovision Song Contest) and her thoughts on the Eurovision Song Contest.

Hello Jozefina, this is calling! Thank you for agreeing on this interview with us. You have earned the hearts of many viewers with your voice and performance in the Voice of Albania even though your young age. How was your passion for music born and is it the path you want to follow?

My passion for music was born with me I can say. Since the age of 4 I used to sing with my brother on guitar. I have participated in many events too. Of course music is the path I want to follow, I study guitar in a music school so that explains why while singing I’m also professionally approaching music.

Jozefina, this year RTSH received an estimate 50 applications for Festivali i Kenges. How did it feel to be chosen in the top 28 to compete for the big prize?

I was very happy and at the same time I felt valued as an artist. 

This year especially, Festivali i Kenges is characterized by a large presence of names who have participated in the Voice. According to you, why do past participants choose to compete in FiK?  

It’s true that there are many participants from The Voice. I think it’s because the Festival is serious and has a jury that values artists. For new artists like ourselves, that’s what we want, to be appreciated by people who are professional in the music field.

Your creation for FiK is called Mendje trazi (Troubled mind). What is the song about and are the lyrics personal and relatable?

From the title itself, Mendje trazi, the lyrics are about the troubles that our mind often has, our thoughts, for everything that happens day by day etc. It’s one of those lyrics where everyone can find themselves.

One of the composers of your song is Bledar Sejko who has represented Albania together with Adrian Lulgjuraj in the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest. How did you collaboration come about and has Eurovision been one of the song’s criteria?

I am very happy to be presented with a creation of Bledar Sejko. He had composed the song and thought to show it to me. I want to thank him for the trust he had in me and I personally found myself entirely in this song. Now that the song is admitted for the final nights, the desire to touch Eurovision is there too.

It’s now a tradition that the winner of  FiK represents Albania in Eurovision. Do you think this adds more responsibility to the artist in the creation process and the presentation of the song?

This is something as beautiful as it is a big responsibility. Representing your country in a competition with artists from all over the world is something that requires serious work and good creations musically.

Jozefina are you a regular follower of Eurovision? What do you think has been the best Albanian presentation in the contest?

Yes I follow Eurovision yearly. Personally, I liked every song that represented our country and I can’t decide which one i like more and which less.

The last Eurovision winner, Conchita Wurst, made big noise with her victory. What do you think of her?

I just realised that Conchita is attending Festivali’s final. As for the song, it was great and a deserved victory. For Conchita as a person, I think it is his choice to be as he wishes to and I don’t judge that. I think it was so much talked about because it’s not something you see everyday!

Jozefina, thank you for the time you gave us. We wish you success in your participation in Festivali i Kenges 53!

Thank you too, it was a pleasure!

You can listen to Jozefina’s presentations in different talent shows below:

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