Interviews with Festivali i Kenges 53: Emi Bogdo

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Emi Bogdo is another participant in Festivali i Kenges 53. With a powerful vocal, Emi is no new name to Festivali’s stage. After a successful participation in Kenga Ime (My song), Emi is back to Festivali’s stage this December to present her new creation called Nje femer (A woman) composed by Lambert Jorganxhi with lyrics by Florian Zyka.

Hi Emi, this is calling! Thank you for accepting our invitation to an interview. We would like to start off by asking you about what has been going on in your professional life and your musical activity lately?

Hello! Thank you for the interview. In response to your question I would mention my last participation in Kenga Ime, a production of TV Klan where my song Jeta shpirtin ta rremben (Life kidnaps your soul) with lyrics and music by S. Kalaja and orchestration by Saimir Cili, managed to grab the jury’s Ethno-pop award. It was this participation that served as a linking bridge to represent Albania in the Balkans festival Suncane skale held on the 1st and 2nd of July in Herceg Novi of Montenegro. This was a beautiful experience even though it wasn’t a competition. Nje femer (A woman), is my newest ballad which will be presented in Festivali i Kenges 53 of RTSH.

Emi even though you have been part of many music competitions in Albania, you always find the time to come back to the stage of Festivali I Kenges. Why do you choose to be loyal to this festival?

My return after 4 years in the festival happened in a very coincidental way, it wasn’t a planned return so I wouldn’t quite consider my return as being loyal.

You are well known for your vocal abilities but your musical style is ever changing. How would you classify your music and what are some of your musical influences?

My songs are mostly ballads, I like it and i’m more focused on that genre but I wouldn’t leave without trying a reggae song. I think that I will soon have one.

Your song is called A woman. Which woman are you talking about? Are the lyrics personal or general? What is the message you want to give out?

A woman is the title of the song that I found written like poetry in a piece of paper. I also want to add that the blend with the melody gave me the impact that not only was this ballad beautiful but also one that would remain. The lyrics are not personal but in the 3 minutes of the song I will become one with the music to give out the message and over all the emotion that the songs gives you when you see how the fragility and the spiritual suffering live in a woman in parallel lines. I want to thank Roni for the lyrics he penned.

The winner of FiK has the honor of representing Albania in the Eurovision Song Contest. Has that impacted the quality and the idea of the song?

The quality and the idea of the song are aims for me and the producer Lambert Jorganxhi to have a good presentation, a good realization and over all a good public response.

Emi is Eurovision one of your aims? How do you think you would cope with it and do you think you are ready?

The participation in FiK came as a coincidental offer from the producer of the song, Lambert Jorganxhi who proposed that I was the vocalist of his composition. Being unprepared for such commitment, I can’t say that Eurovision is my aim. Firstly, I want to say that I am now ready for a good performance in FiK. I want to see how that goes than think whether I’m ready for an experience like Eurovision.

The winner of the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest Conchita Wurst caused quite the noise when she won. Albania did not receive her victory with positive tones. What do you think of her?

Conchita brought something new to the way she presented herself. This brought the noise. If the participating countries are against this let them set some criteria for participating in Eurovision because being against this is more related with prejudice rather than the song quality. I like Conchita’s song. This is what I think.

Emi thank you for your time! would like to wish you luck and success in Festivali i Kenges.

Thank you for the interview and above all I want to thank Lambert Jorganxhi and Roni for collaborating with me in the creation of the ballad A woman.

Below you can take a listen to some of Emi’s songs:

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