Spain: Paloma San Basilio enters a new artistic dimension

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The Spanish star Paloma San Basilio has completed her memoirs, which will be out in a few days. This is to be just the first book by the Eurovision past participant, who appears to be set to the narrative to her talents, as informs the journal ABC.

The Eurovision Song Contest is likely to take a look back to its history on the occasion of its 60th edition in 2015. And its past participants (the Spanish, especially) seem to be coming ahead on the nostalgic touch.

Karina has completed her book of memoirs and now we learn through that the Spanish entrant in the 1985 Eurovision Song Contest, Paloma San Basilio, will publish her biography on 5 November.

San Basilio’s autobiography, La niña que bailaba bajo la lluvia (the girl who danced under the rain), is the story personal and professional story of a middle-class Spanish girl who became a star renowned in different continents and who held on to the free spirit she was brought up with.

Through more than 500 pages the doings of a girl who liked dancing in the rain come into the reader’s heart. The book is also the story of the young woman who fought for her dream of being a singer, sometimes alone before the music industry, which was in some occasions a tough companion in her journey.

Paloma San Basilio does not forget her role as a mother and the burden of being away from her family due to her obligations as a singer.

To summarize, La niña que bailaba bajo la lluvia might be described as the portrait of the young kid who dreamed of being a star, who struggled to achieve her dream and keep it growing while being a family mother at the same time. A woman who has accomplished much, but who is ready for more as she begins a career as an author.

Her memoirs are not expected to be her only book. Paloma San Basilio is currently in the middle of the character-creation stages of the book that shall be her first novel.

Paloma San Basilio represented Spain in the Eurovision Song Contest in 1985 with her song La fiesta terminó.

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