The Netherlands: The Common Linnets go gold in Germany

by Roy Knoops 254 views

This year’s Dutch representatives at the Eurovision Song Contest in Copenhagen, country-bluegrass initiative The Common Linnets, have received gold status in Germany for both their Eurovision-single Calm After The Storm ánd their self-titled debut album, The Common Linnets.

The Common Linnets, centered around Dutch artist Ilse DeLange, received the gold awards for their single and album during their European tour in Germany. The have earned the gold status for their Eurovision-entry by selling 200.000 copies of the song, while also earning gold status for selling 100.000 copies of their album.

Ilse DeLange and her fellow Linnets heartily thanked all German fans, and record company Universal Germany for this success:

Incredible!!!! We just received a gold award for our album AND for our single!!!! Thank you to all our German fans and a big thanks to everyone at Universal Germany!!! We are soooooo happy!!!!!.

The Common Linnets are currently touring throughout Europe in promotion of their album. The group, together with Dutch singer Waylon, represented the Netherlands at this years’ Eurovision Song Contest in Copenhagen, Denmark, winning the first semi-final, and eventually earning the second place in the grand final with a total of 238 points.

Their Eurovision-entry Calm After The Storm became the biggest Eurovision-hit of the year, topping the music charts in various countries. Although Waylon decided to leave the group to pursue his solo-career, The Common Linnets remain popular and are travelling to different countries on their autumn tour.

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