Spain: David Bustamante keeps rolling

by Fernando Méndez 300 views

After a brief stop due to health problems at the beginning of the month, the Spanish singer resumes his frantic activity with one announcement and yet another one.

David Bustamante does not seem to know the meaning of exhaustion. Though his Facebook page you can see what he is busy with and you might understand if he needed a break.

Only neck problems could keep him from doing what he knows best, which is to please his fans. Now that he is recovered he is back on track, and news are coming in non-stop.

His next round of concerts is approaching: on 15 November he will begin a tour around Spain in the Palacio de Ferias y Congresos in Málaga. He will be visiting many other cities as part of the promotion of his latest album, Vivir. You can find the full list in the artist’s website. More news about the tour can be found with the hash-tag #Vivirenconcierto.

Speaking of Vivir… The album has achieved the gold record. David himself posted the feat as he celebrated it with the whole of his team.

Not yet quite finished; there is more. David Bustamante has released a new set of fragrances, Esencia Azul. Seems like an idea for a present, doesn’t it? Especially for a fan of Bustamante…

On top of all he is taking care of, he has time for actions in support of solidarity campaigns. David Bustamante has involved himself in the Superwoman action which is being carried out by a brand of non-alcohol beers. David is helping find eight women who have overcome breast cancer who are to be paid homage for their struggle against the disease. If you know one you can propose her in the website

As we said before, David is not tired and he does not seem to be prone to fatigue. He will continue working, singing and enjoying. And we will be there to follow him.

David Bustamante was a backing vocalist to the entry of his fellow contestant in Operación Triunfo, Rosa López, in the 2002 Eurovision Song Contest. Rosa participated then for Spain with the song Europe’s living a celebration.

Keep checking for more news on Spain and the Eurovision Song Contest.

Check the concerts list and let us know if he’ll be in your town. And let us know how you like the scent of Esencia Azul