United Kingdom: James Fox takes to the stage

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James Fox, who represented the United Kingdom at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2004, has spoken about his current role in a hit tribute show.

Described as a “theatrical concert”, Let it be chronicles the rise of The Beatles from their earliest days at the Cavern Club in Liverpool to the last years of the 1970s.

James Fox plays Paul McCartney in the show, which first opened in London’s West End in 2012, and has spoken to the Blackpool Gazette newspaper www.blackpoolgazette.co.uk about some of the pressures that come with such a role:

Playing McCartney, I was afraid of not making it authentic enough because I’m more used to doing my own version of these classic songs

He continues:

It plays tricks with your mind, representing these great musicians. At the start it was a challenge just to learn it all, then you get the first review and it gives you a chance to see how things are working.

Even now, still, when you’re singing on your own you are thinking ‘Am I getting this?’. It’s not like people don’t know The Beatles and Paul McCartney, so it’s a lot of pressure.

But the way the show is set up, it’s not that the audience forgive anything, but once it starts you transport the audience into that world.

Let it be features more than 40 Beatles’ hits and boasts of a huge dedication to detail and style.

Catch the show at Blackpool’s Winter Gardens until Sunday 12th October 2014.  The show will also visit Berlin, Linz, Vienna, Zürich and Munich later this year, with tour dates for 2015 to be announced.  Check out www.letitbelive.com for all the information and online booking options.

Born in Cardiff, Wales in 1976, James Fox represented the United Kingdom at the Eurovision Song Contest of 2004, with Hold on to our love.  The song, which automatically qualified for the Grand Final of the Istanbul staged contest, finished in 16th place with a final total of 29 points.  The 2004 Eurovision Song Contest was won by Ukraine with Ruslana and Wild dances which scored 280 points.  The United Kingdom was most recently represented at Eurovision by Molly, who finished in 17th place of the Grand Final of the Copenhagen contest of 2014 with her song Children of the Universe.

Watch James Fox perform Hold on to our love below:

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