Spain: Planeta Azul is coming

by Fernando Méndez 115 views

Ruth Lorenzo has just completed the recording of her first studio album.

For the past months Ruth Lorenzo, the Spanish entrant in the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest, has been busy with the making of Planeta Azul, the album that shall be the first of a series that we hope will be pretty long. Ruth has kept her fans informed of the evolution of the work through different social networks under the hashtag #PlanetaAzul. The last update announced the so long awaited confirmation that the studio phase of the project is completed and ready. As the singer herself wrote on Facebook That’s it. Now it’s all in the hands of the Universe

The date of the release of Planeta Azul is still unknown, but the confirmation of the completion of the recording means a lot to her fans. The chance to enjoy Ruth’s first studio album is getting closer. And it should be mentioned that it has been quite endearing to have the chance to follow Ruth sharing her impressions of the creation of such a meaningful task as her first album.

Ruth Lorenzo participated in the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest for Spain with the song Dancing in the rain.

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