The Netherlands: AvroTros in search for candidate 2015

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Dutch broadcaster AvroTros confirmed that Cornald Maas and Jan Smit will be the commentators during the Eurovision Song Contest 2015. Earlier today, roumors have been running wild about the next Dutch representative in Vienna. A number of sources claim that Dutch artist Alain Clark will follow the footsteps of The Common Linnets and represent The Netherlands in Eurovision. No confirmation from broadcaster and singer.

Broadcaster AvroTros has given a statement to Dutch Newspaper ANP, in which they clarify that although Alain Clark is one of the possible candidates, nothing is confirmed yet. AvroTros is negotiating with several artists, including Clark, but nothing is decided and artists are still welcome to volunteer as possible candidates. AvroTros did not reveal who other possible candidates might be. It is also not clear when the candidate will be officially revealed, but AvroTros says it will not take that long. On the other hand, Alain Clark’s management does not confirm the news.

Alain Clark stated that he has been thinking about partaking in Eurovision and would definitely want to represent his country. He has been contacted by several people, but not yet officially by AvroTros. Commentator Cornald Maas confirms this, saying that all options are still open, no decision has been taken, although Alain Clark has shown interest.

Meanwhile, sources like Dutch newspaper Telegraaf, claim they have inside information and that Clark is indeed the Dutch representative. However, until AvroTros comes forth with new information, these stories are unsubstantiated.

The only recent official statement concerning the 2015 Eurovision can be found on the Eurovision-page of the AvroTros,, and is dated June 23rd 2014:

AVROTROS and the Eurovision Songcontest
The Eurovision storm has calmed down at the Dutch broadcaster AVROTROS. It has been a great experience and we are very proud of the accomplishment of The Common Linnets at the Eurovision Soncontest in Copenhagen.

Until further notice AVROTROS hasn’t decided yet how they will approach the contest next year. In the next months AVROTROS will give more openness about the participation at this website:

After the confirmation to that the Netherlands will be present at the next Eurovision Song Contest, no official announcement has been released by the Dutch Broadcaster regarding their future plans.

Stay tuned at for all the news concerning the next Dutch representative in the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest.