The Netherlands: Anouk signs new songwriter agreement

by Daniel Doyle 167 views

The 2013 Dutch representative Anouk has signed a songwriter agreement with BMG Talpa Music. This agreement means that we will see a joint publishing company which will be called Goldilox Publishing.

How will this agreement help Anouk?

The new publishing company will represent Anouk’s shares of her 8 albums as well as any future material.

Speaking to BMG’s Tapla Music chairman Tony Berk expressed his joy with this agreement.

“After nearly 18 years, Anouk is still an inspiration with a musical range and depth which has barely been tapped so far. Her boldness and initiative – evidenced by her brilliant contribution to the Eurovision Song Contest in 2013 – and BMG’s international strength will be a powerful combination.” – BMG’s Tapla Music chairman Tony Berk, speaking to

Anouk is regarded as the most popular female rock singer in the Netherlands. After being discovered by Golden Earring frontman Barry Hay, she had her breakthrough in 1997 with the single Nobody’s wife. From then onwards, Anouk had numerous hit singles in the Dutch and Belgian charts, such as R u kiddin’ me, Michel, Girl, Lost, One word, I don’t wanna hurt, Modern world, Three days in a row and Woman. In 2013 she represented The Netherlands at the Eurovision Song Contest. She became the first Dutch entry to qualify since 2004 and in the grand final she finished 9th with 114 points with the song Birds.


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